Incultus​-​2011 (2014 Remaster)

by Xanthochroid

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RJ Awesome extreme metal album. So many different elements make this a unique experience.
9/10 Favorite track: Wormwood.
Elisa Marafiga
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Elisa Marafiga A wonderful and original work, able to deeply thrill the listener. Xanthochroid is an excellent band and recommend it to everyone who, like me, want an amazing musical experience! Favorite track: Elegies Of A Forgotten Race.
Connor Hegion
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Connor Hegion Xanthochroid has changed black metal significantly, both with this release, and their astonishing new one, "Blessed He With Boils". This INCREDIBLE symphonic black metal band DESERVES YOUR SUPPORT! Their music is just absolutely mind-blowing. It's truly hard to properly explain how good their music is. Just buy it, you absolutely will not be disappointed. The 8-Bit track at the end is just phenomenal too. Favorite track: The Last Relic of Axen (8 bit).
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Recorded and produced in the summer of 2011 with members: Sam Meador, Matthew Earl, William Culver III, Harrison Reese.

Remastered in April 2014


released May 12, 2014


Sam Meador - Piano/Keyboards/Acoustic and Electric Guitars/Vocals/Choirs

Matthew Earl - Drums and Percussion/Electric Guitar/Irish Whistle/Vocals/Choirs/Sound Engineering

William Culver III - Bass/Vocals/Choirs

Harrison Reese - Guitars/Vocals

And Special Thanks to...

Natacha Nielsen - Album and shirt art
Nabil Yazdi - Violin (The Last Relic of Axen)
Bayan Yazdi - Cello (Iced, In Extremis)
Brent Vallefuoco - Guitar Solo (Inkvltus)
Sayer Ferrell - Vocals (Iced, In Extremis)
Rich Nelson - Taylor Guitar
Paul Murphy - Production Consultant

And Extra Special Thanks to...

Brent Vallefuoco and David Bodenhoeffer for joining the band! We love you <3<3<3

And NO thanks to John Vanca... JK... but no really



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Xanthochroid Lake Forest, California

Xanthochroid is an Epic Black Metal band that strives to produce the most sophisticated and enthralling compositions in the metal scene today. Taking influence from bands like Emperor, Opeth, Moonsorrow, Wintersun, and many others; Xanthochroid combines many styles into a blackened cloud of legendary metal might. ... more

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Track Name: The Last Relic of Axen
"The cosmos is a mindless vortex;
A seething ocean of bind forces
In which the greatest joy
Is unconsciousness
And the greatest pain

Still, darkness torments me
As I'm engulfed by light,
No thing beneath me
But the all-consuming sea

Death smells familiar
And its fumes ignite my eyes
Still, I see nothing
As I fall to my demise

"For what does it matter
Whether we suffer or not?
Our feelings are
The most trivial of incidents
In the unending cycle
Of existence"
Track Name: Iced, In Extremis
In this tomb
Wrought by
Ice, solidified my eyes
Stare blankly at night sky
Cold, and soulless
As I die

Unable to look away

Iced, in extremis
A frozen god,
Damned, alone
'Til time is gone

Time will end

In this tomb
Ice, solidified
Stare blankly at night sky
Cold, and soulless
As I die

Watching, waiting slowly dying
Never to decay
A shell preserved soulless
For all time
Iced , In Extremis
A frozen god,
Herald of death lives on.
Track Name: Wormwood
All the trivial pleasures of Erthe
Are but bile and bitter venom.
When all has darkened,
Hatred's light shall guide me

The torrid winds of my home
No longer warm my flesh
I turn my gaze to the sea,
To my forgotten enemy

The weight of prophecy
No longer burdens me
I save my strength
To be reborn

Behind me is that world of ash
The cold air shortens my breath
Winter's Spirits grow stronger
As I draw near

I hope my death
Absolves me
Of my wrongs
I hope it's cold
I hope it hurts

And as my life is ripped away
I hope I try
To hold on

I go alone
Into Erthe's frozen womb
The weight,
The weight of the cold
Is too much to bear

I hope it's cold
I hope it hurts

As Wormwood fell
Into the sea
I became

Though tales are told
Of the cold
No one knows
How it feels
Track Name: Incultus
Cursed be thy name
The outcast one,
Who by his will betrayed
His beautiful creation

It is unspoken
And he is resolute
He is broken
He will not say
If he's the enemy
He is no one

His mind will rot
And crows will tear his flesh
Live long, feel naught
When given life
He found a way to die
He is no one
Nothing will ever assuage

So here's your land
This barren Erthe
Both thorn and thistle
Shall it grow for you

And though you'll eat of it
It never satisfies
And you shall curse its name: